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About Us

About Us
99ElectricalWorld is a b2b Portal devoted to Electrical Products, Market and Industry. The portal features numerous Manufacturers, Suppliers, Dealers, Distributors, Traders and Sellers dealing in Electrical Components, Equipments, Products and Electrical Machines. It is totally a business devoted platform which has bridged that gap between two industry professional who are willing to find their complementary business or products in order to raise their business. It features numerous products and some of them are Brass Components, Bus Ducts, Cable Gland, Cable Lugs, Cable Tie, Cables, Capacitors, Control Panel, Copper Wire, Current Transformers, Digital Meter, Digital Panel Meter, Distribution Transformers, Electrical Control Panel, Electronic Ballast, Electronic Components, Fan Regulators, Fasteners, Ferrite Cores, Isolating Transformers, Junction Box, MCB, MCB Box, Online UPS, PCB, Pneumatic Tools, Precision Brass Parts, Printed Circuit Boards, Relays, Rotary Switch, Servo Stablizers, Voltage Stablizer, Sheet Metal Components, Tapes, Terminal Blocks, Terminals, Transformers, Wire and Mobile Chargers etc.
Using this portal, a business professional can submit his enquiry in order to find his complementary business, materials or products that can help him growing his business entity. Hence, you can understand how important this portal can prove for an Electrical Entity.
The portal is an extract of our leading business journal- 99 Electrical World. It is a leading business journal featuring all kinds of business professionals; be it manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, distributors, trader and sellers, etc. The journal is very popular in the market as it proves very helpful in branding an Electrical Business, Equipment and Product among its potential clients. In a nutshell, you can say, this portal is an extended version of our esteemed Business Journal and the result of boom in IT Industry in India.
The main attraction of the portal is its unique sections such as Premium Products, Premium Companies, Products Index and Advertiser Index and Requirements.
The 'Premium Products' section consists the products which are hot in the market and highly in demand. Along with, it also features the professionals dealing in the same product so that you don't have to rush a lot in order to find that specific product. You will get that product by clicking on the link given that will redirect you at the page consisting information of manufacturers, dealers, suppliers, distributors and traders of the product. While 'Premium Companies' section consists the information of the Companies highly active in Electrical Industry and offering a broad assortment of Electrical Products/Equipment in demand.
The section 'Product Index' covers almost each product of Electrical Industry in alphabetical order. It enables a visitor to find desired product easily. And by clicking on the product name, you will be redirected to the list of companies dealing in that particular product. And hence you can access the company with the information provided here.
The 'Requirement' section is one of the unique section that enables a company to submit its enquiry for dealers, materials and suppliers in order to upscale it effectively.
These section make the portal stand out of the others in the competition and hence it is attaining a good popularity in Electrical Industry. And its popularity is increasing day by day which can be evaluated by its taking a glance at the increasing number of businesses and the requirements submit on daily basis.

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