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Wanted Dealers/Distributors for All type of Capacitor for Motor & Fan, Airconditioner, Washing Machines.

Wanted Dealers/Distributors enquiry solicited for Energy Saving Sensors, Install PIR Motion Sensor.

Wanted Dealers/ Distributors all over India for our 'Advance' brand Inverter and Stabilizers.

I am a distributor of E-Bike Battery. Want to make Dealers Chain.

Wanted Dealers/Distributors for Indoor Led Products, Outdoor Led Products, Spike Lights, Underwater Lights, Bollard, Foot Light, Walk Over, Flood Lights, Streetlights, Wall Washer, Streetlight Housing, Flood Light Housing, Downlight MCPCB, Street/Flood Light MCPCB. Tube Driver, Panel Driver, Street Light Driver.

Wanted Dealers for Motor Protection Relay & Prventors Timers, Counters.

Wanted Distributors for AA/AAA Rechargeable Battery, Alkaline, Battery Charger, Power Strip, Car Speaker.

Wanted Dealers/Distributors for Electrical Brass Parts.

Wanted Distributors in Auto Cables and Auto Connectors.

Dealers enquiries solicited for Testing & Measuring Instruments, Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Dual Trace Oscilloscope & DC Power Supply, Micro Ohm Meter, Semiconductor & Power Electronics Lab Trainer, Linear IC Trainer.

Dealer enquiries solicited from all over India for Long Life Passive Components For Led Drivers Ballasts / Soar / Fan Regulators, Lighting(Ballast, LED) Industrial Electronics, Stabilizers, Auto Electronics, Energy Meter, solar, UPS Invertors.

Wanted Dealers for all types of Brass Products & Electrical Parts.

Wanted Dealers/Distributors for Led Back Emitting, Led Panel-Slim Series, (Side Emitting), Led Panel-Surface Series, Led Bulb, Led Flood Light, Led Street light, Led Tube Series, Housing (Back & Side) Emitting, Led Strip, LGP, Diffusers & Connector, Driver Cabinets.

Wanted Dealers/Distributors, Mfrs of 2 Pin Plugs, 3 Pin Plugs, Bed Switch, Multi Plug, All type of Capacitor.

Wanted Dealers/Distributors for Marketing Multishrink Brand Heat Shrinks Cable Jointing Kits, Cable Lugs, Cable Glands & Chemical Eathing Electrodes.

We are looking for enthusiastic & dynamic Sales people who works as an dealer distributor for us related to Led Light Products.

Wanted Export Import Agents/Distributors all over India to market & Export LED Lighting Systems.

Wanted Dealers/Distributor for Industrial Electronics Instruments Motor Protection Devices etc.

OEM/Dealers/Distributors enquiries welcome for AASRA led Lights, led Batten Light, Led Conceal Light, Led Slim Light, Led Surface Light, Led Panel Light, Led Street Light, Led Light.

Dealers enquiries for LED Plastic Driver Cabinet, Downlight Housing, Concealed Light Housing, Panel Light Housing, Led Down Light & other Plastic Products

For Dealers & Distributors Earthing Accessories, Pipe Fitting, Brass Component, Brass Fittings, Hardware Component & Electrical Parts, All Brass Items.

We want Dealers for Rotary Switches, Relays, Connectors, Transformers, Ammeters and Volt Meters.

Wanted Dealers/Distributors for Changerover, Engine Stopper.

Dealers/Distributors inquiries solicited for Led Light Solutions, Led Bulb, Led Surface Light, Led Panel Light, Garden Light, Liner Wall Washer, Landscape Light, Surface Spike Light, Led DOB Light, Led Tube Light, Led Ceiling Panel, Led Street Light, Solar Street Light, Led Flood Light, Bay Light, Flame Proof Lights.

We want Dealers/Distributors, Manufacturer & Traders of electrical accessories and MCB.

Dealers/Distributors enquiry Solicited for all type of Led Light, Led Bulb, Surface Light, Led Tube Light, Down Light, Transform, Line Filters, Power Choke, SMPS Transformer, Choke Coils, Peaking Coils, Toroidal Coils Linearity Coils, CFL Choke Coils.

Wanted Dealership/Distributorship proposals for Led Bulbs, Led Downlight, Led Street Light, Holder & Switches, Led Tube Light, Led Ceiling Light, Led Surface Panel, Led Backlight Panel, Led Flood Light, Led Candel Light, Extensions, Fan and many more.

We are Manufacturing of High Quality Solder Wire, Solder Stick, Solder Flux, SMD Paste, Cleaning solvent.

Wanted Dealers/Distributors for Mobile Chargers, Mobile Charger Spares, Blank PCB, DT, Complete Circuits, Wires, Cabinets, Connectors, Car Charger, Universal Charger etc.

Wanted Dealers/Distributors for Led Bulb, Led Down Light, Led Panel Light, Led Street Light, Led Flood Light, Led Driver, Led Tube Light, Led Comm. Panel Light.

Wanted Dealers form all over India of Brass Cable Glands & One PCS Items.

Dealers/Distributors enquiries are solicited for Led Lights Products, Track Light, Track Light CoB Zoom Light, Led Surface Light, Led Ceiling Panel, Led Slim Panel, Led Flood Light, Led Street Light, Led Bulb, Led Tube Light.

Wanted Dealers/Distributors for Electrical Wiring Accessories, Led Bulb, Led Lights, Led Tubes, Led Panels, Led Industrial Lights, Bulb Holders & Accessories, Fan Step Regulators, Light Dimmers.

Wanted Dealers for Led Down Lights, CoB Light, Led Panel Lights, Led Street Lights, Led Profile Lights, Led Strip Lights, Led Flood Lights, Led Outdoor Lights.

Dealers enquiries for Led Plastic Driver Cabinet & other Plastic Products.

Wanted Dealers for Telecom Products Wire & Cable.

Dealership Enquiries solicited for Led Bulb, Led Panel Light, Led Down Light, Led Surface Light, Led Street Light, Led Tube Light, Led Flood Light.

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